Welcome to my personal website. I am a PhD Candidate in the Department of Political Science and a Master of Science Candidate in the Department of Statistics at Northwestern University. I anticipate defending my dissertation by Summer 2024.

In my dissertation, I devise problem-solving methods for issues encountered in the study of comparative politics. The project is divided into three papers in preparation that each tackle a distinct methodological issue. In each paper, I demonstrate the applied utility of the methods to a research question within my substantive area of expertise – the study of the legacies of conflict and comparative political economy. I have received support for my dissertation from the Center for the Study of Security and Drugs at Los Andes University-Bogotá, the Global Challenges Research Fund of the UK, the Buffett Institute for Global Studies, and the Latin American and Caribbean Studies Cluster at Northwestern University.

I have additional substantive projects related to the legacies of armed group social order, relational identity and post-conflict attitudes, and people’s relationship to the state and other sources of authority. In the past, I have primarily focused on Latin America, though I also have projects in development with applications to the United States and Eastern Europe.

In my free time I am usually with my dogs or studying Brazilian jiu jitsu.

If you would like more information about anything that you see on my site, feel free to contact me by email: sarahmoore2022 [at] u.northwestern [dot] edu.